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Occupied Home Staging Solutions

The art of home staging doesn't always mean working with vacant homes. For occupied home owners, the main thing to remember is that staging is not decorating; staging is depersonalizing. We remove the clutter, rearrange furnishings to show the best flow of space. 

Our ultimate goal is to create a buyer friendly home with the most WOW factor and the least amount of investment for the client.


Benefits of Occupied Home Staging:

  • Sell faster

  • Lower holding costs

  • Sell for maximum profit

  • Enhanced online presence


Steps to stage an occupied home includes:


1. On-site consultation Preliminary consultation for a fee of $120 will include suggestions to:

  • Items that need to be removed or relocating

  • Minor repairs if needed

  • Repainting and lighting fixtures if needed

  • Items (furniture and accessories) that need to be added to enhance the look.


2. Quote will be given to the customer for the final staging day. 

3. If the offer is signed, the Staging Day will include:

  • Rearranging and/or adding furniture if needed.

  • Redecorating windows 

  • Displaying accessories and props to enhance the tone of the space. This could mean adding plants, pillows, artwork and much more.

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