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Interior Decorating is our passion. We fundamentally believe that you should love where you live.  The vast majority of people spend hours away from home- and home should be your sanctuary.  Whether a calming and serene escape or a vibrant palette that inspires, it is our goal to help you get there. We meet people where they are, both physically and stylistically.  We will consider your ideas, your preferences and your budget when creating a design that is perfect for you!


Our packages are:

Consultation Only Package: 

This consultation provides you with an initial outline on how you can make improvements to your home. Depending on your individual requirements we will have a discussion regarding the areas of your home that you wish to have professional advice on:

  • Walk-through of your home

  • Discussion of decorating ideas, lifestyle, tastes, and options

  • Furniture re-arrangement

  • Color and material analysis

  • Wall art and accessories ideas​

During the consultation, we try to give as much advice and information as possible about your space. If you decide to sign up with our service ( Full Package ) on the same day as the consultation, the consulting fee will apply towards your package.

Full Package:

We coordinate everything - from measuring, product ordering and finally to installation. We are present for installations ensuring that everything goes as smoothly as possible. 

The full package includes:

  • Initial Consultation

  • Design Proposal which includes all the product ideas with the prices, service charges and the installation fee.

  • Product ordering of furniture, wall art and accessories, wall paint, etc

  • Installation

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