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Vacant Home Staging Solutions

There are many reasons why it is difficult to sell a vacant home for top dollar. Vacant homes are considered to cold and uninviting. Vacant homes lend less emotional appeal. 

A buyer typically cannot envision a space without furniture.

People pay top dollar for the "model home" look and you just can't get that in vacant home. We offer many options to suit the needs of a vacant home.


The steps in staging a vacant home include:

1. On-site consultation: This includes design and preparation for no charge. We carefully look at each room and decide the furniture and accessories required to transform a home into a remarkably desirable product.


2. Staging Day: This usually lasts for 4-6 hours - Once our trailer is loaded, we drive to the home, set up each room to create a warm and inviting "wow" factor. Our staged home have a rhythm and a flow that creates the "model" home look and feel.

3. De-Staging: This is usually 2-3 hours long. We pack everything up, load and bring back to our warehouse, unload it, restock it back to our inventory.


Staging Package:

Our Staging Package are offered on a 60-day contract term. The contract covers the design plan, delivery, set-up and move-out at the end of the contract. 

After the initial 60-day contract period is over, a discounted rental rate s offered on a month-to-month basis. 

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